Happy Earth Day---Check out Disney's "Earth"

As part of Earth Day, Disney Pictures is releasing this 90 minute film in theatres throughout the nation.

Much of the footage comes from an 11 hour documentary that BBC/Discovery Channel did 2 years ago. The movie mostly follows 3 different groups of animals, a Polar Bear family, a mother elephant and her calf searching for water, an da couple of humpback whales.

The movie is rated G, and I'm guessing that Children and Adults will all enjoy the flick.

Bo Obama---The President's new Dog

This youtube video by the Washington Times shows President Obama's new dog, Bo... The first pet was promised to his daughters during his acceptance speach in Chicago's Grant Park, back in November 2008. The Portugese Water Dog was a gift from Senator Kennedy.

Piglet goes for a swim

Kingsford the little baby piglet plays around with its owners, struggles to climb stairs, and goes for a little swim in the ocean.

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