Yakety Saks Cats (on a Treadmill)

These two cats get their work-out in on the treadmill---And wouldn't you know it, the song, Yakety Saks makes anything funnier...

4 Cute South African White Lion Cubs

These 4 White Lion Cubs play around with each other in a South African Nature Preserve. Since these lions don't have the appropriate camouflage for the wild, they are mostly found in captivity (Zoos, Magic Acts, and Circuses)

Visit the Detroit Zoo (1980's Style)

This popular commercial from the 1980's urges Michigan residents to visit the Detroit Zoo... Talking birds, hippos, alligators and bears provide comic relief in this short 1 minute clip.

What do Zoo Animals Do in the Winter?

The Chicago Tribune put together this short video clip of what goes on at the Lincoln Park Zoo during the winter---it shows Lions, Tigers, Flamingos and Camels hanging out on a chilly-snowy day in Illinois. (The lions have a heated rock to lounge on outside and not get too chilled).

For those of you interested in visiting the Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo and absolutely great way to spend the afternoon with your family.

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