Pictures of Leopard Seals

Paul Nicklen, a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine, tells the the story of his 4 day experience swimming with a large leopard seal... The Seal thought that Paul needed to be taken care of---so it catches penguins to bring to Paul in order to feed him.

Bull Leaper jumps over a charging bull

I recently saw a story on WGN news about the bull leapers who jump over charging bulls.

So I found this short video clip of a 'recortador' (bull-leaper) jumping over a charging bull in a 'superman jump' at La Plaza De Toros in Granada.

Searching for Snow Leopards

It's starting to get cold outside, and feel like winter... So I thought what better thing to share than a National Geographic shoot of snow leopards in India.

There are thought to be fewer than 3,500 snow leopards in India--- and this 6 minute video shows the lengths that people go to in order to snap some pictures of the feline.

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