The Alpaca's Devon, United Kingdom

For some unknown reasons Alpacas are actually some of the biggest draw of visitors to this site. So I thought I'd share with you the youtube video with the most views on it that happens to deal with the Alpaca's of Devon, UK. A dozen alpaca's--white ones, brown ones, and black ones approach the camera and look quite interested in the camera and the photographer.

Sneezing Baby Panda

If you want a good laugh, 115 million views on youtube can't be wrong. Check out this big sneeze from a little panda bear.

Puppy Fooled By Mirror

In this video clip somebody's young black and white puppy thinks that his reflection in the mirror on the closet door is another dog. The little pup runs around back and forth and really has a good time interacting and playing with himself. Oh' to be furry and silly.

Cute Kitten Overload--I are cute kitten

This kitten video features dozens of adorable little kittens---they're in the refrigerator, the mail box and in the kitchen cabinets. These little guys are even squeezing into coffee pots and coffee mugs.

Funny Video-Alpaca Chases an ESPN reporter

Here's a funny video of an alpaca chasing an ESPN reporter in Peru during an under-20 soccer match.

Parrot Sings "Let the Bodies hit the floor"

This bird sings "Bodies" (or bodies hit the floor) a lead single from Drowning Pool's debut album sinner.

I think it's pretty clever for the parrot to have been taught a full verse of an alternative or metal song. Either the bird's owner really likes to sing in the house, or else his mp3 player was set to "repeat" the song for hours on end for months and months at a time.

If you've seen any other singing parrots, feel free to leave the URL in the comments below.

From Service Dog to Surfing Dog

Ricochet was a dog that was originally being trained as a puppy to become a service dog for an individual with a disability. Unfortunately, she was not quite out for that program, so her owners decided to teach her how to surf. She took to the water like a fish and her surfing skills are put to use by raising money for various charities wherever there is a need and wherever there are some good waves.

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