Toy Poodle Puppies

My mother-in-law recently got herself a dog... She has a little 4 pound toy-poodle puppy... I for one think that poodles look better as puppies than they do as full grown dogs---just check out these puppy pictures for proof.

Funny Cats

Here's a 4 minute video of some LOL-Cats that you might find on icanhazcheezburger---There are dozens of funny cat pictures with quirky captions.


This Cat has a Drinking Problem

Cat Takes a Bath @ Yahoo! Video
Here's a viral video of a cat that invents an interesting way to drink water from a running tap in the kitchen sink... He showers his head under the stream of water in order to quench his thirst...

French Bull Dog Puppy has Fallen and Can't Get Up

This 1 minute video of a white french bull dog puppy rolling around on its back reminds me of a turtle that's been flipped over onto its back.

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