Female Lion saves man from a lion attack

For some reason two zookeepers were in the lions pen with both a male and female lion... When all of a sudden,the male lion starts attacking one of the men. The other zookeeper does his best to help, but it was lioness that saved the day by bumping the attacking lion and nudging him to walk away... This was a little too close for comfort.

Pig saves Goat in the water

Tonight NBC Evening news showed an interesting video clip of a goat that was stuck in the water at a petting zoo. He was squawking away when a little piglet swam next to him, nudged him and saved the little goat from drowning.

Zeus - The World's Tallest Dog (from Michigan)

A Michigan Great Dane has been crowned the world's tallest dog. Standing at 44 inches at the shoulder the dog eats 12 cups of food a day, weighs over 150 pounds and can drink from the sink.

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